Teva + Takeda, Corporate Identity

The joining of two of the largest pharmaceutical brands in Japan provided the opportunity to create a unified brand vision, mission and values - along with a visual brand and logo that looked to the past and the strength of the brands - while also forging a new future identity moving forward.

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When Teva Pharmaceutical and Takeda Pharmaceutical made an announcement that they would start a new business venture to deliver Teva’s generic medicines and some of Takeda’s long-listed products in Japan, we were asked to lead the team through our robust corporate identity process to develop the brand identity that would best encapsulate the joined brands moving forward.

We led the task force team through creative strategy workshops and rounds of vision statement and design options before deciding on the strongest candidates to move forward with. One of the biggest opportunities for our team was to examine how color can impact a brand, especially when creating a corporate identity visually. Do you keep the previous colors of one of the brands? Do you combine the two? Do you take a new direction completely? The final logo struck a balance of the two brands, while also expertly expressing the verbal branding elements of the new organization.

The new brand identity leverages the strength of Takeda’s corporate brand and credibility in Japan and Teva’s wide product portfolio and cutting-edge business efficiency. For the corporate logo development we proposed to embrace the initial letter of the two companies to symbolize true integration. The visual identity was extended to internal and external communication materials, including the stationery and product packaging.

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