Technology Brand Strategy Firm

Technology companies exist in one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world. Standing out from the crowd means being able to communicate your value proposition as clearly as possible. Fortunately, Addison Whitney is a brand strategy firm with experience developing tech branding that resonates. Whether you’re preparing to launch a new product line or seeking a corporate identity that connects with your target audience, we are the technology marketing company that can realize your vision in the most effective way.

We’re passionate storytellers with a penchant for transforming even the most esoteric technology concepts into relatable branding that clicks with consumers. Our work with industry giants such as Microsoft speaks to our success targeting diverse audiences ranging from professionals to students to gamers and beyond.

A World of Solutions

We stand head and shoulders above other technology marketing agencies thanks in large part to our extensive capabilities. The deep understanding we bring to the table means we can provide a full range of solutions including:

  • Brand Strategy: We create a full-featured plan for making your branding stand out with your intended audience.
  • Research & Insights: Do you know how well your efforts are being received? We take a deep dive into the data to find the answers.
  • Verbal Branding: In the world of technology, a brand name can be worth a thousand words. We know how to say a lot with a little.
  • Visual Branding: Your logo, color palette and packaging design can be some of the most powerful tools you have.
  • Brand Implementation: Our experts will help you keep your messaging on track, from the initial rollout and beyond it.

Why Work With Us?

Our clients value our holistic approach to their brands, as evidenced by the fact that we enjoy an 88% repeat client rate. We’re proud of the results we have delivered to some of the biggest names in the marketplace, and we’re eager to prove that we can do the same for you. If you’re ready to learn more about what makes us a leading technology branding agency, get in touch with us today.