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Lumify is lauded as one of the best cosmetic over-the-counter (OTC) eye drops on the market for brightening and whitening. But before the brand hit the market it needed an ownable name.

The challenge for the Bausch + Lomb team was research conducted by their team uncovered that their current working names were being confused with another product. Product confusion can quickly become an issue during the trademarking process and cause headaches from a marketing perspective. The team at Bausch + Lomb understood that risk and came to us to create a strong, viable name for their new product.

As you may be familiar, the eye drops target and treat redness. Consumers feel happy, confident and relaxed after use. We wanted to convey those same feelings in the brand name. Another element to the naming strategy was to create a name that would resonate with a tightly defined target audience of predominately young females. Our namers began working off of this creative strategy to build out a list of options that scream “affordable luxury”.

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Ending with phonetic ‘eye’, Lumify was selected as the new brand name. The prefix, ‘lumi’, also speaks to the dazzling, luminous results, while the end ‘ify’ sounds a lot like ‘defy’, right?

We took select names into a medical panel for review. Although this is not common for OTC brands, our team recommended this extra step ensure the final name would not be confused with another prescription drug, the challenge Bausch + Lomb had with their original brand name created before engaging with us on the project. Lastly, to test marketability of the names we conducted an online survey and interviews with the identified target audience. This research revealed that ‘Lumify’ was easy to pronounce, spell and had high marks for conveying important product attributes.

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