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The Genprex team came to us with a lung cancer clinical trial program that partnered a new asset, GPX-100 with other brand name drugs.

We partnered with their team to craft a suite of names and are excited to share they have been accepted by regulatory bodies.

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Clinical trial branding has proven to help patient recruitment and overall brand success. Our work was centered on the overall increased effectiveness of the program. GPX-100 mixed other brand name drugs will help extend patient lives and overcome resistance to treatments. “Acclaim” was chosen for its suggestion of importance and excitement. Future trials will use numbers to modify – Acclaim1, Acclaim2, Acclaim3.

Pharmaceutical naming is complicated and after a rejection it doesn’t get easier. After three decades in the business, we were well equipped to guide Genprex through the naming process.

We used a connection to cancer gene therapy was preferred to help recall with physicians. This gene therapy directly delivers the gene to tumor cells to replace defective gene function and thus target the cancer cell. We explored concepts of precision and changing fate to provide that linkage.

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