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Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)


BD was preparing to create a standalone diabetes company. We were tasked with giving this entity a bold, genuine, customer obsessed and innovative new brand identity.

Our team needed to craft this brand with a global audience in mind to capture and retain BD’s target audiences. We quickly understood the core creative elements after connecting with the current BD brand team. These initial conversations coupled with research guided us toward the ideas of holistic diabetes care, trust and agility.

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    Becton, Dickinson and Company

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    Corporate Brand Identity
    Company Naming
    Visual Branding


Visually, the team’s logo reflected simple complexity.

Diabetes is a complex condition, but embecta is here to simplify the day-to-day efforts to stay ahead of the disease. You can see the circular icon that represents the continuous connection embecta aims to provide for everyone.

While the initial project focused on strategy, name and logo development, it expanded into a three-phase engagement.

We carefully crafted the macro and micro elements from business cards to iconography. To ensure a seamless launch of this fledgling brand, our team guided the transition planning with both internal and external teams.