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Children with central precocious puberty (CPP) experience early, rapid progression of sexual development. The condition affects children to varying degrees, causing both physical and emotional challenges and sometimes leading to psychological and behavioral issues.

To combat this condition, which often has no identified cause, Tolmar Pharmaceuticals developed the first and only subcutaneous injection of leuprolide acetate for CPP.

Through brand exercises and strategic discussions, we challenged the Tolmar team to think critically about the ideal brand and to embrace brand name possibilities. While this drug is indicated for a pediatric population, we could not lose sight of the fact that parents, guardians and doctors are making treatment plan decisions. With this in mind, we focused on creating names that subtly connect to CPP and appear soft with a friendly tone.

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Fensolvi (fen – sol – vee) was selected as the brand name for Tolmar’s leuprolide acetate for CPP.

When compared to other name candidates tested, healthcare providers ranked Fensolvi as among the most intuitive names to say and spell. First impression, favorite choice and recall were also measured during the study, and with the name’s subtle link to the concept of “solving” the condition and its soft tone, Fensolvi was a top performer across the board.

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