Your company has a lot to offer, but how do you communicate that? Branding can be a challenge, especially in the pharmaceutical, health care and medical device sectors, where the stakes are high and the messaging can be complex. When you want help telling your story to the world, Addison Whitney can be your partner through it all.

Our branding implementation services are geared to the specific needs and requirements of the industry, with numerous successful launches under our belts. There’s much more to branding than choosing a name, logo and color scheme. You need to be able to express a clear and consistent message every time you interact with your customers, whether they see your products on a shelf, scroll past your social media channels or see your ad in a magazine. A strong brand implementation strategy ensures you’re expressing your values and promises in the most effective and consistent manner.

When you choose to work with us, we will work closely with you on every stage of the process, including:

  • Brand guidelines
  • Needs assessment workshop
  • Brand implementation planning
  • Brand launch campaign
  • Employee education presentation
  • Brand ambassador program
  • Visual brand element products

With our capabilities by your side, you can feel secure in the knowledge that every element of your branding is instantly recognizable to customers, delivering the value proposition and emotional connection that will ensure success. Our specialization enables us to deliver these services for a single product line as well as for comprehensive corporate branding.

Why Branding Implementation Matters So Much

With the enormous costs involved in developing a new corporate identity or product in the health care arena and bringing it to market, it is crucial that your business strategy implementation is on point. There are so many choices out there for consumers, and it can be challenging to elevate what you have to offer above the rest.

Additionally, the messages you deliver must walk a difficult tightrope that reassures customers and conforms to all regulatory standards. Any missteps during the rollout of your brand could result in significant consequences for your company, including loss of consumer trust and even legal entanglements.

Having an experienced, qualified team of experts guiding you through the process can be a tremendous boon for your enterprise and your project.

Why Choose Addison Whitney?

At Addison Whitney, we strive to create branding that does more than look appealing. Our goal is to build a framework that will guide decision-making and firmly establish your identity in a crowded marketplace. We work closely with our clients, leveraging our creativity and curiosity to give them the structure they need to make the biggest impact. With more than 8,000 brands created and more coming all the time, we are your best choice for helping you tell your story.

To learn more about everything we can do for you, get in touch with us today.