A company’s brand is one of its most critical assets. This is especially true in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology sectors, where establishing and maintaining trust is essential.

When you need a branding agency in NYC with the specific expertise to make a difference, choose Addison Whitney. We’re storytellers who work closely with you to develop your unique narrative in a way that resonates with your audience. This is why we’ve earned a reputation as one of the top branding companies in NYC.

Showing You the Way

Our expertise and wide range of services make us unique among branding firms in NYC. Choosing to work with us means we can provide:

  • Brand Strategy: As leaders in New York City for branding, we can create a compelling story for you and help you establish your identity in a crowded marketplace.
  • Research & Insights: Find out exactly how your brand works its magic on your audience with our data-driven team.
  • Verbal Branding: Over 30 years in the naming business means we can find the right name for you, so you’ll get noticed in all of the right ways.
  • Visual Branding: Tell your story without saying a word through logos, color palettes, marketing templates and more.
  • Brand Implementation: Our experts know how to get your brand strategy in NYC off on the right foot.
  • Regulatory Consulting: We make sure you stay in compliance with domestic and international regulations so you can enjoy the branding process with no worries.

Why Work With Us?

As a leading brand strategy agency in NYC, we’ve helped countless companies build their identities under challenging conditions. Our holistic approach, confident leadership, sound decision-making and commitment to partnerships make us the ideal choice for you. Whether you want to develop a brand for a single product or your entire enterprise, there’s no better place to turn.

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