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Virtual healthcare testing expands access to critical care while improving patient outcomes. For the more than 1 million people who experience preeclampsia there were few diagnostic options available that provided accurate results due to the lack of sensitivity.

With a new commercial virtual test for the US market, Progenity came to us to help name their new product that would bring life-saving information to their customers.

A creative kickoff highlighted the seriousness of preeclampsia to our team. This first-of-its-kind test and chatbot combination has the potential to help millions each year. The value is there. Now we had to declare it to the masses and lay claim to leadership in the market.

Concepts from the brand compass were prioritized in the naming considerations, and with so much whitespace we went to work crafting semi-descriptive naming style that related to discovery, trust and guidance.

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    Verbal Branding

Preecludia (pre – eh – KLU – dee – ah) was chosen for its overt association to preeclampsia, making it easy for customers to understand and associate with the product. In addition, Preecludia speaks to excluding individual symptoms for the disease which can often happen with other tests.

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