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We seek to drive value beyond conventional measures. As a global branding firm deeply rooted in multiple industries, we’ve helped clients for over 25 years capture marketplace opportunities and establish sustained differentiation through creative naming, imaginative design, comprehensive brand strategy and insightful market research.

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Brand differentiation starts the moment we design the process that works best for your specific needs. What challenges stand in your way? Where are the potential opportunities for your product or company inside the competitive landscape?

Brand Thinkers
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Problem Solvers

A relentless commitment to seeing every project with fresh creative eyes makes us stronger and allows our brands to break through in highly saturated markets like technology and consumer goods, or gain approval, in highly-regulated industries like pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

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We are a Syneos Health company. Syneos Health is the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization. Our company, including a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Contract Commercial Organization (CCO), is purpose-built to accelerate customer performance to address modern market realities. Created through the merger of two industry leading companies – INC Research and inVentiv Health – we bring together more than 21,000 clinical and commercial minds with the ability to support customers in more than 110 countries. Together we share insights, use the latest technologies and apply advanced business practices to speed our customers’ delivery of important therapies to patients. To learn more about this game-changing organization check out

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Our global reach gives us the experience needed to develop strong brands, regardless of geography.

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Did you know that, on average 5 to 7 brand impressions are necessary before someone will remember your brand? When you're naming your next product, be sure to consider what names will gain the best first impressions. Ready to start naming your new product?

What makes a great place to work? For many at AW, it's the bi-weekly breakfast and unlimited La Croix. At other companies, it's pets in the workdplace and naptime.

How to choose the right typeface for a brand:

Did you know that with more than 500,000 active trademarks, class 9, which is reserved for computers, technology and scientific devices, is one of the most populated classes in the USPTO? You can find out more about trademark basics here:

Three strategies to enhance workplace culture, which can breed business success:

What are ways that established companies can connect to the millennial market? Proctor & Gamble hopes to trademark popular acronyms such as "LOL" and "WTF" to appeal to this hard-to-reach market. What is your reaction to this?

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