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We seek to drive value beyond conventional measures. As a global branding firm deeply rooted in multiple industries, we’ve helped clients for over 25 years capture marketplace opportunities and establish sustained differentiation through creative naming, imaginative design, comprehensive brand strategy and insightful market research.

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Brand differentiation starts the moment we design the process that works best for your specific needs. What challenges stand in your way? Where are the potential opportunities for your product or company inside the competitive landscape?

Brand Thinkers
Problem Solvers

Problem Solvers

A relentless commitment to seeing every project with fresh creative eyes makes us stronger and allows our brands to break through in highly saturated markets like technology and consumer goods, or gain approval, in highly-regulated industries like pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

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Syneos Health Communications is a purpose-built portfolio of innovative health-first, health-only advertising, branding, medical communications, market access and public relations agencies – powered by 25,000 clinical and commercial minds across Syneos Health® — that operates at the intersection of health, technology, and creativity.

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Our global reach gives us the experience needed to develop strong brands, regardless of geography.

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Software as a medical device (SaMD) is a highly competitive industry. 🧬 It's time to learn how branding can help you stand out.

Branding covers all senses. Developing your "voice of tone" can cut through noise in your industry. 🎧

During PRIDE 2021 we celebrate the ability to bring our Total Self to work while acknowledging the work that still must be done. We continue to learn, improve and support our friends in the LGBTQIA+ community. 🏳️‍🌈 🖤 🤎

Good design can open up new doors. 🚪 Discord's subtle updates will make it easier to develop merch and other art assets.

Too close for comfort? 🔍 Brand name confusion can lead to massive legal headaches down the road.

Need to reposition your brand in the market? BDG is a great example of how to do so with a rebrand.

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