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Exclaim clinical trial

Intended to address a niche population, TAK288 directly addresses EGFR mutations in lung cancer patients who currently have no other treatment options. This unmet need caused overwhelming complications and struggles within the patient population that should be at the center of this clinical trial brand.

With a big first impression on the line, we took extra time in client meetings to explain the rationale behind each name choice. We took that time to review and discuss all options and implications of their brand to ensure there was a strong understanding and familiarity behind each option presented. This same approach was taken through our logo ranking survey that helps clients prioritize and refine the creative.

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Our team took the courageous energy found in these patients into the brand strategy. That emotional benefit coupled with a clear connection to the very mutations TAK288 treats made for a solid naming foundation.

Exclaim (EX – claim) was chosen for its strength, positivity and linkage to the science. Ex- prefix has a connection to “exon” from the EGFR mutations that are treated. Takeda wanted to ‘exclaim’ that they listened to a small patient population and found answers. It undoubtedly captures the excitement and energy of both the Takeda team and future recipients.

Visually, we connected Exclaim to Takeda’s logo with a minimalist icon and bold typography.

Movement was a key aspect of the Exclaim brand. You’ll see the lung icon shifts in both color, line thickness and position. This sends the positive message of reducing tumors methodically. We created a connection between the brand name and icon through the color and angle of the dotted “I”. Our team took the new brand and designed collateral folders to assist the external marketing of Exclaim.

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