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Top 15 global pharmaceutical company

Therapeutic area naming

Our relationship with this top biopharmaceutical company spans over a decade and across a diverse set of therapies. In particular, we have named numerous treatments within their Hepatitis C virus and HIV categories.

To build your brand in specific therapeutic areas family or linking naming strategies offer varying degrees of connection and benefits. In this case, the company wanted their antiviral medicines to connect and thus continue to build their company’s dominance in each category.

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    Top 15 global pharmaceutical company

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Each drug shares a similar length and cadence. You’ll also notice they share similar letters. Put simply, they’re more conventional and less “weird” than your average pharmaceutical name.

The interconnectedness between these leading treatments didn’t just happen by accident. We were intentionally chosen as the branding partner for each project and pulled from our vast knowledge base to ensure the brand names were connected.

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