Software Branding Agency

Branding software products can be a significant challenge. Not only does your company have to contend with an overwhelmingly crowded marketplace, but also the difficulties of getting through to consumers. It can be hard to effectively communicate your value proposition in a way that avoids technical jargon and in a succinct manner.

If you’re struggling with this, trust Addison Whitney to show you the way. We’re an experienced software branding agency that has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including a long history with Microsoft. We know how to tell your story effectively whether you’re trying to connect with students, businesses, gamers or any other segment of the market.

Our Complete Expertise

Whether you need help with developing an identity for a single product or complete software company branding, we offer a full range of solutions. Our capabilities include:

  • Brand Strategy: Our experts work closely with you to tell your story in the most compelling way so you can reach more people.
  • Research & Insights: We help you understand how your brand is connecting with your audience and suggest ways to improve it.
  • Verbal Branding: The right name and/or tagline can give your software a leg up over the competition and create a strong association with customers.
  • Visual Branding: Tell a story without words through the right logos and packaging design.
  • Brand Implementation: We make sure you hit the ground running with your brand.

Look to the Experts

Every day, we work with our clients on finding the best way to present their brands. We strive to be architects of brands that matter and resonate with consumers through creativity, curiosity and collaboration. We’re proud of the fact that we enjoy an 88% repeat client rate, which we feel speaks to the high quality and effectiveness of what we do.