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Blueprint Medicines set out to combat RET-altered tumors that affect a devastating number of cancer diagnosis with a new asset: BLU-667. Revolutionary treatments need brand names to match so they enlisted our help in finding the best one.

For this first-in-class treatment we set to uncover a narrative that would serve as the brand name’s foundation. Our conversations centered on the value to both patients and physicians. People receiving a RET-altered tumor diagnosis are relieved to hear about an oral therapy that can target mutant cells and their physicians feel equipped to help them fight.

Also key to the naming strategy was the fact that we knew a competitor was in development with a similar treatment. Trademark searches revealed the name options that they were considering, which directed our focus to creating name options that were alphabetically before this rival drug.

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    Verbal branding

The brand name selected was, Gavreto (gav – RET – oh) which imbeds the very disease it’s fighting in the name: RET mutations. This direct tie to the disease will help with physician recall and strategically position it for success against future competition. Our team is happy to share that this drug therapy is now approved by regulatory bodies.

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