Our client, a Top 25 pharma company, developed a new asset that had wide-reaching positive impacts on a specific indication and those suffering from the disease. We looked to create a name that would not only find regulatory approval but would also highlight the impact on the lives it would have.

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This new asset that would, essentially, change the way that its indication is treated and significantly impact the lives of millions of patients, the best course for the brand name was to highlight this impact.

Simplicity, new regimental requirements and a decrease in the day-to-day burden for patients allowed for them a new “harmony” in their lives. With this in mind, as we worked with the team to develop the brand name for the new asset, these impacts were at the top of our mind.

With the developed name, “Harvoni,” this attribute shines through to the target audience while also highlighting some of the new scientific breakthrough elements, creating a name that checks the boxes and finds approval to allow it to make its way to the market and start reaching its potential impact.