Eisai - Fycompa

With a new therapeutic option for those suffering from epileptic seizures that had high future potential with current, anticipated and potential indications, a name needed to be created that would find itself appropriate for all stages of the product lifecycle. This is where our ability to tap into the extensive experience and ability of our market research team came into play.

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We first needed to get a full understanding of the asset and its potential market environment. Our research looked both internally, from asset background and concepts to existing naming methods and portfolio structure, and externally, through market, competitive and audience overviews.

This information, gathered from a number of research sources that covered all potential areas of information, allowed for our verbal branding teams to have solid foundations to begin the creative and brainstorming processes. With this information, we created “Fycompa” as the new name, where it then experienced even more research, to ensure its regulatory fit.