Eisai - APT & ASTUTE Clinical Trials

When looking to create strong brands for a pair of clinical trials, Eisai looked to us to build these brands from the ground up. These brands, APT and ASTUTE, looked to build equity in the two products early in their life cycle while also setting the foundation for future branding efforts.

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To create a strong brand for a pair of clinical trials that would unite the two and serve as a foundation for the brand throughout the life cycle, we led Eisai’s team through creative strategy workshops, brainstorm sessions and rounds of name and design options before deciding on the strongest candidates to move forward with in the trials. Our verbal team explored a variety of naming strategies – from names linked to a common theme to creative acronyms tying directly to the clinical trials.

The final identities for the clinical trials employed a dynamic shape showing movement and flexibility that brought to life the “ASTUTE” and “APT” clinical trial names. The shape is also reminiscent of a mountain showing strength and empowerment. Each identity uses a different orientation, but both show a positive and balanced look and feel. The final color palette complements Eisai’s corporate identity and makes a strong statement for the trials.

Armed with impactful brand names and logos, Eisai was able to successfully carry out its clinical trials.