Ciox Health

With the merging of three of the largest healthcare information management organizations, a new entity needed to be created that would both encompass the best of these brands while also forging a new direction, a direction we helped create while developing Ciox Health as a new identity.

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Following a merger and acquisition period, HealthPort looked to rebrand in order to capture its more robust offering and a superior position in the world of health information management. The HealthPort team engaged Addison Whitney to:

  • Outline a vision, mission and set of values to guide the new corporation.
  • Develop a believable, compelling, differentiated and sustainable brand positioning and messaging strategy for the new brand.
  • Create a name for the new brand that communicates its value in the marketplace.
  • Bring the brand to life through a logo and visual brand strategy.
  • Document the brand strategy and visual brand elements in guidelines to ensure consistent implementation across touchpoints.

The Addison Whitney team began the project with a robust discovery phase, including stakeholder interviews and an audit of the competitive landscape, thereby developing a full understanding of the opportunities that existed for the new brand and how the brand could shape the direction of the organization. A Discovery Workshop was held to highlight these findings and discuss how they would be implemented into creative and strategic brand development processes, including name and logo design development.

Equipped with an extensive amount of information founded upon brand discovery findings, the Addison Whitney team began development of the new brand’s elements. Our brand strategy team first created the new company’s Vision, Mission, Mantra and Values to align what the new company stands for, wants to accomplish and importantly, how. With those guidelines defined, the team moved on to developing the brand positioning and messaging to define what the new brand would stand for in the hearts and minds of the target audience and how to best to communicate that. Simultaneously, our verbal branding team built upon these strategic deliverables with targeted name candidates. The name “CIOX Health” was chosen, and our visual branding team got to work on a new corporate logo, stationery system and marketing collateral.

Ciox Health was launched and immediately showed the benefits of a strong brand, as it was able to hold on to the valuable brand equity of the previous organizations while also forging a new place in the market and continuing to grow.