Bevespi Aerosphere

With a new differentiating drug and dispersion technology looking to make space in the crowded respiratory area, our client, a Top 25 pharma company, looked to us to create names that had to check a number of important boxes while still delivering on the necessary elements of successful names.

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The new asset indicated to help treat those with COPD, they needed a brand name developed for not only the asset itself, but the technology that would be used to dispense the medicine. These two names would need to exist as a pair and on their own, and also tell the story of why patients should choose these products over the competition.

First, we turned our attention to the asset name development. Looking to convey the ease and improvement of air flow for those using the medicine, and also to reinforce its respiratory connection, “Bevespi” was chosen. This name was then tested, screened and submitted for approval by the regulatory agencies.

Following the successful approval for Bevespi, our verbal branding team then looked at how they could create a technology name that needed to check a number of boxes – highlight the differentiating characteristics of the device, pass regulatory approval, pair well with the Bevespi name and make sense in the marketplace to the target audience.

With these characteristics in mind, we created “Aerosphere” as the technology name, touching on the look of the design, joining Bevespi to complete the pairing.