Becton Dickinson - Intevia

When Becton Dickinson (BD) engaged our team they were in the process of developing a new auto-injector that would be a customizable self-injection platform product. BD plans to customize and develop this auto-injector for pharmaceutical companies to deliver their injectable drug therapies for patient and/or caregiver self-administration.

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This auto-injector is one of several BD Self-Administration Injection Systems (SAIS) product offerings. The BD team looked to us to develop a name for the new auto-injector that aligned with SAIS/BD branding and messaging, develop naming guidelines for future SAIS products, to enhance BD’s messaging and win rate with target customers and create a name extension strategy for SAIS – to be deployed when line extensions and product enhancements are introduced.

We kicked the project off by leading the BD team through a customized interactive creative strategy workshop to align on a creative direction for brand name development. Through this workshop the brand purpose, core values, brand personality, and customer and patient benefits were identified – all foundational elements the future brand name would encapsulate and communicate.

Simultaneously, our team worked with the BD team to develop nomenclature strategy options for the SAIS portfolio. A nomenclature strategy guides the naming of individual products within the BD SAIS brand portfolio, creating consistency in the product naming and amplifying the brands with regard to product-level communication. In addition to evaluating the current portfolio and implications of a new strategy on it, Addison Whitney reviewed information available about the future product pipeline to understand when evolutions or revolutions to products may happen, as well as what new technologies could impact strategy development.

The brand name chosen for the SAIS auto-injector was Intevia. Equipped with a strong nomenclature strategy the BD team plans to roll out future products in the SAIS portfolio and leveraging the Intevia brand name along the way.