Bausch + Lomb – TRULIGN

Bausch + Lomb are renowned for their position as a global eye health organization. So when they developed a new surgical technology, the bar was high for its brand name, one that needed to speak to the patient and the surgeon with the same positive result.

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Bausch + Lomb developed a reusable injector for ophthalmic IOL (intraocular lens) surgery that is lighter in weight, balance and grip. The new device gives surgeons greater control over the IOL insertion process during procedures. B+L approached us to develop a stand-alone, global brand name for its new device.

Our verbal team led B+L through a series of creative workshops, list generations and refinements to arrive at the strongest possible candidates for the new device. Our namers explored a variety of options, exploring aspirational and confident tones as well as names that focused on the benefits of the device itself.

Ultimately, the name “TRULIGN” was chosen as the best option for the new product, combining confident and clinical terminology. The first word part, “Tru-” speaks to the trust a patient can have in the device. The second word part, “-lign” more technically refers to the practice of being able to perfectly align the intraocular lens to the patient’s eye with the help of the new injector.

B+L received FDA approval for TRULIGN and has since enjoyed a successful launch of its cataract/astigmatism treatment.

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