Aegerion - Juxtapid

Aegerion entrusted us to define the brand direction for its first asset. As an orphan drug and one with a variety of potential future indications, the Addison Whitney teams developed the target audience profile and then created the branding elements with a firm eye on how to best serve these audiences.

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We partnered with Aegerion to define a brand strategy and develop the brand name and logo for the new lomitapide asset. This asset, the company’s first product, is a once-a-day, oral therapy used to treat Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia (HoFH).

As the asset in development targeted a small population as an orphan drug, we reviewed other orphan drug strategies to identify the best ways to position this brand. Additionally, while not treating the same disease, cholesterol-battling treatment communications were evaluated to understand features benefits and tone of voice.

Delivering well-developed strategy tools to the Aegerion team was critical. By determining the right benefits and attributes of the asset through review of scientific literature and interviews with patients and physicians, we created a brand positioning strategy – the foundational elements of the brand to drive the strategy moving forward. Naming and logo design processes were built upon this strategic foundation to ensure a consistent brand throughout the various brand-building elements, with collaboration between the Addison Whitney and Aegerion teams throughout.

We recommended a positioning strategy that communicated the unique characteristics of the new asset, while keeping in mind the potential for future combination products as new developments in the treatment of HoFH emerges.
The name “Juxtapid” was chosen for the new asset, with a fresh, brand strategy-compliant logo that spoke to the overall branding developments.

Juxtapid was approved by the necessary regulatory bodies and has been a successful part of the Aegerion brand portfolio, giving the company a strong first-asset launch.