Actavis - Vraylar

Actavis developed a new CNS asset and looked to us to not only build a brand name, but to put our market research expertise to work in thoroughly screening and testing the name for regulatory approval.

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Actavis selected us as its branding partner to develop and thoroughly screen potential brand names for its new CNS asset designed for schizophrenia and bipolar mania.

We conducted extensive market research to determine the new asset’s strategic naming direction prior to beginning the name development process. Specific brand characteristics were identified to guide the naming, which were then put into action throughout the creation of potential name candidates.

Selected name candidates were then taken through market research and screening processes to ensure regulatory and legal compliance. It was determined that “Vraylar” captured both the spirit of the new asset and was a name that was viable to continue through the drug regulation process, ensuring it would be successful both in these stages and on the market. Our team also created and submitted the necessary regulatory documents to the appropriate bodies.

Vraylar was approved by the FDA for use in its intended patient groups and is currently one of Actavis’ most successful brands within the ever-growing portfolio.