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We leverage our expertise across our core services to provide a sophisticated approach to brand development. Merged with your business strategy, this collaborative approach is critical in developing engaging brands for every audience that get attention and earn loyalty.

Core Services

Center for Regulatory Guidance

Bypass regulatory hurdles before they exist.

Gaining regulatory approval is hard. And for every delay you encounter you are losing millions of dollars, which is why guidance through the complex regulatory landscape of drug naming demands a smart strategy. The Center for Regulatory Guidance ensures that we will always provide our clients with the latest and most accurate guidance in brand naming, non-proprietary naming and identity work.

Formerly with the FDA and EMA, CRG team members have been involved in the development of regulatory decisions and the very guidances that drive our work. Our team becomes your partner for regulatory submission.

Our in-house team always has the option to engage the vast Syneos Health network of regulatory experts and clinicians to deepen the therapeutic knowledge or broaden the understanding of local regulations.

Why risk going with someone else? To find out more click here or contact us today: CRG@addisonwhitney.com

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