Nike - REACT

A name that is easily recognizable for the consumer, describes the new technology, fits within the established naming architecture, and fits with a global linguistic audience – these are the cues our team took to drive the creation of a new technology name for Nike – REACT.

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Nike is a brand with equity among its customers and in the marketplace that is unlike almost any other brand. This brand strength alone can drive the success of new innovations and brands, and as such, new brand names within that portfolio have high expectations for creativity and assimilation abilities.

When working with the Nike team to develop a new technology name, our teams looked to names that are simple and intuitive, to help the ease of consumer recognition, while also having the ability to fit in to the variety of brand name incorporations of which it will be included.

The team also needed to find names that were “ownable” for Nike, with trademark achievement that linguistically works around the world.

After examining all of these factors, and looking to continue the brand tendencies of previous Nike brand names, our team developed “REACT” for the new technology.

Now seen on Nike shoes across the globe, REACT has found its place among the company’s brands while seamlessly integrating into its naming strategy.

Teams Involved