GE Healthcare – Venue

GE Healthcare developed a new innovation in ultrasound technology, and looked to us to develop a brand name for the new technology while subsequently developing a strategic direction for future brands and the brand portfolio.

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Our creative team developed various name candidates for the ultrasound technology by evaluating current brand trends, determining unique features in each and identifying important brand qualities. This information was used as a creative and strategic foundation for the naming exercises.

“Venue” was the brand name chosen by GE Healthcare to use across multiple GE Healthcare user groups. We also advised GE on the approach to use descriptive terms to further differentiate the various versions, designed for specific procedures and diagnostics exams.

Once the brand name was decided, GE Healthcare’s marketing team also tasked our teams with evaluating their current brand portfolio in the ultrasound market. The name extension strategy, provided by Addison Whitney, was designed to guide GE’s branding team on a clear strategy to differentiate the various brands while avoiding overlap among target audiences.