Sandoz - Zarxio

Sandoz sought to establish themselves as a global pioneer in biosimilars. They looked to us to help make that happen.

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When looking to brand its new biosimilar asset, Sandoz looked to us to create a name for what would become the first biosimilar asset approved by the FDA that helped set the course for subsequent biosimilar name development.

We executed our unique, multi-step process in order to properly develop and test potential name candidates. Prior to, and in preparation for, the name development process, us and the Sandoz team worked together on positioning for the new assets, to ensure that the subsequent name choices fit into two distinct areas – both within the existing Sandoz brand portfolio and with the target audiences.

Creative cues were used as guides for the naming process, consisting of both product-specific characteristics and overall perception-related naming strategies developed by our team. This was especially important to consider, as the new products were tasked with both achieving market success and leading the way in the relatively new field of biosimilar asset development.

Following global linguistic evaluations, legal trademark prescreens, medical panel reviews, extensive pharmacist and physician safety testing, and marketing research of name candidates, “Zarxio” was the name choice chosen. Following the development and regulatory process it went on to become the first biosimilar asset approved by the FDA, helping set a general course for subsequent biosimilar name development processes and projects.