Pharma Verbal Branding Services

Verbal identity branding and development for a new pharmaceutical, medical device or healthcare product is one of the most crucial aspects of its success. A name is more than a trademark — it helps differentiate it from competing products, builds trust and recognition in consumers, and satisfies regulatory and legal requirements.

Given how critical this process is, companies that operate in these industries need to have a  brand naming agency with comprehensive expertise. With a long track record that includes countless projects for leading companies, Addison Whitney is the leader in developing verbal branding, for both the pharma and medical industries, that satisfies all aspects of the process.

An Overview of Our verbal branding Services

  • Global Brand Naming Strategy
  • Product Naming Strategy Development
  • Verbal Identity Branding
  • Non-proprietary Name Development
  • Global Trademark Prescreening
  • Tagline Development
  • Global Linguistic Evaluation
  • Clinical Trial Branding
  • Corporate Identity Development

The capabilities we bring to the table include more than naming individual products. We also have the experience needed to provide product  naming strategies as well as comprehensive corporate verbal branding solutions for entire organizations. No matter what form our services take, our clients can depend on us to bring an approach that covers every element of their verbal brand identities and puts them in prime position to capitalize on them in the marketplace.

Why Proper Verbal Branding Matters

There is much more on the line when developing verbal strategies than coming up with a catchy name. Although branding in the pharma and healthcare sector must be unique, pleasing to the ear and instantly identifiable, it also needs to meet other standards that are not commonly found with other types of products or services.

For example, the number of trademarks in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries is enormous compared to other sectors. This means extreme care must be taken when developing an identity for a new product because of the risk of confusion. A verbal identity that is too similar to an existing one could result in medications accidentally being prescribed in the place of another, resulting in harm to the patient.

Competing in the global market also means messaging needs to be relevant and appropriate everywhere. Our specialists can evaluate each name candidate to ensure that it fits — no matter which region of the world it is being marketed.

Ready to get started?

With more than 8,000 brands and 150-plus corporate identities created in our portfolio, we stand at the forefront of brand development. We have accomplished everything thanks, in large part, to the passion and creativity we bring to every project. We work closely with our clients, partnering with them to weave their stories and their ideas into a cohesive, successful brand that helps them stand out from the crowd and strengthen their positions.

To learn more about everything we can do for your organization, get in touch with our representatives today.