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Finding the Perfect Name

Searching for the perfect name? It’s time to stop.

This might sound strange coming from a naming agency, but a successful naming process focuses less on finding the “perfect” name and more on identifying opportunity.

Finding the “perfect” name for your asset can feel like an overwhelming task that constantly keeps you asking, “Did we really go far enough into creative exploration? Did we turn over every stone to find the best potential name? How many names does it take to get a short list of high-potential brand names?” But the truth is, if you approach your naming journey with a “name must do everything” mindset, your quest may never end.

When it comes to naming, your brand name does not need to carry the full weight of the brand. There are visual cues, messaging and other collateral that help bring your brand to life and tell your brand’s story. Rather than focusing on quantity in hopes that the “perfect” name will emerge in due time, we challenge you to think about the quality of the names. Then, and only then, you’ll land on that “goldilocks zone” of high-potential brand opportunities.

Where to start? Oftentimes, you may think your asset is ready for a name, but your asset may really need structure in the form or nomenclature or naming architecture. Your naming infrastructure or nomenclature plays a vital role in shaping your naming strategy and ultimately the types of name candidates that will resonate with your audience.

A naming agency can help uncover a naming architecture need at the beginning phases of the naming process when collaborating on the creative strategy. Here are three instances when you need to work on naming architecture first:

  • Acquiring

    an asset from

    another company.

  • Merging

    multiple products into one.

  • Creating

    an umbrella name

    for a suit of products.

Once architecture is in place, many clients want to see as many names as possible in hopes of uncovering that “perfect” one. While there is no doubt only showing one name candidate isn’t enough to convince you of your future name, going through thousands of options is also unlikely to lead to a prosperous name-find. Instead of thinking that you need to see a specific number of names, think about the criteria that those names need to fulfill. The same way it took countless trials, R&D and quality control to pressure test and develop your asset, the naming process requires a similar rigor to ensure high-quality results. Our keys to success?

So, if you find yourself asking, “How do we get the perfect name?” instead consider who can help you with a tried-and-true naming process that can perfect your brand by uncovering its full potential. In trusting the naming process, the “perfect” name will find you.

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