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Building an Impactful Visual Brand

Digging deeper than your logo for effective results.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your favorite brand? We’re willing to bet it’s their logo. That’s because a brand’s logo is the starting point for consumer interaction.

As the starting point, there’s no denying your logo holds significant weight when it comes to creating an effective brand. If your logo fails to communicate the essence of your brand, it will lose potential customers before it even has a chance to establish itself in the marketplace. If done correctly, works to help establish your brand’s identity in a crowded marketplace.

So, as the anchor of your brand, it’s vital to keep your brand’s purpose at the forefront of your mind when you set out to design your logo. Strategically establishing your brand’s purpose and allowing that to serve as the foundation of logo design ensures the individual elements of your logo–like fonts, colors and various shapes–play toward your brand’s greater strategy.

However, implementing your brand’s strategic foundation shouldn’t just start and stop with your logo design. Sure, your logo is the starting point for a strong visual identity, but it’s not the destination. In other words, you can and should rely on an extension of your logo’s visual elements to help further establish your brand in the marketplace. And when it comes to pharmaceutical branding, this is of utmost importance.

To no surprise, branding a pharmaceutical asset and its associated collateral requires jumping through various regulatory hoops. For instance, it’s possible your logo won’t meet the regulatory standards set forth for prescription labels. If such is the case, you’ll have to forgo your logo and rely on other measures to communicate your asset’s purpose through the label. The solution? Strategically sound visual elements.

With regulatory approval at stake for your asset, our visual designers collaborate with our in-house Regulatory and Medication Safety team to ensure your brand’s visual identity adheres to the rules set forth by regulatory bodies. The results? Regulatory approval.

Of course, in the pharmaceutical industry and beyond, you want these visual elements to share the same look and feel as our logo, but you don’t have to limit your brand to the visual elements present in your logo alone.

When the individual elements of your visual brand design are complete, it’s time to start establishing your brand within the marketplace. Ensuring a complete brand requires strategic thinking around the rollout of your brand design, including when and where you use each visual element for a purpose-driven customer experience.

Designing and implementing a visual brand that connects with your target audience is no easy feat. Our key to success? Infusing your brand’s strategy into every element of your brand to create a cohesive experience to emulate your brand’s purpose.

If you’re ready to breathe life into your brand’s purpose, reach out to us today to get started on your visual design.

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