It was once said “branding is something you do after someone has bought from you, rather than something you do to induce them to buy from you” – and we take issue with that statement.

Especially when you are talking about pharmaceutical branding. In most industries, product development can stay under wraps until the manufacturer decides it is time to begin releasing information, and it is usually done on their terms and in a very controlled manner. In the highly regulated world of pharma, we don’t have that luxury. Your asset begins generating attention years before it ever hits the market because as it progresses through each stage of clinical development, employees, HCPs, investors, vendors, media and more are gathering and sharing information on your brand.

Build brand momentum with pharmaceutical branding

Why leave the first impression of your asset – your brand – open to interpretation and potential confusion? Defining, very clearly, your story during the early stages of an asset’s development provides you with a framework for better decision-making and ensures that you will be communicating effectively and consistently with all audiences, while building momentum and recognition for your brand.

You are contributing to this brand momentum every time you relay information about your asset. It’s in the language of your conversations, the data you convey and the way you present yourself. It’s your story. And every time you tell your story, you are conditioning the market for launch, regardless of which stage of development you are currently.

Think about all the times and places where your story is being told, and the types of people who hear it:

  • Your website when presenting your asset within a pipeline of other assets
  • Clinical trial content (recruitment and distribution materials, update or outcome reports)
  • Investor relations
  • Speaker bureau and P2P engagements
  • Internal training and on-boarding
  • Conferences (presentations, exhibit materials, med affair booth representatives)
  • Press releases

Each is an opportunity for your asset’s story to be understood and valued. And ensuring that every instance uses the same language is critical to facilitate and crystalize this understanding over time.

Develop pharmaceutical branding with Addison Whitney

Finding an experienced pharma marketing agency is they key successful pharmaceutical branding. Here at Addison Whitney, we bring together medical experts and powerful storytellers to help make sense of your science and ensure your asset is pursuing a compelling, relevant and differentiated position in the hearts and minds of your most valuable audiences.