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Evaluating Your Brand Strategy

Ensure a successful brand strategy with our post-launch evaluation methods.

When it comes to brand strategy implementation, a plan should be put in place to measure the success of your strategy over time. A strong plan serves as a validation tool to ensure you are headed in the right direction, as well as a specific diagnostic tool for what individual elements or tactics might need altering.

If you have already been working with Addison Whitney to develop or launch your brand strategy, then the metrics for your strategy that will best support your business goals have already been established.

If not, it is crucial to identify what change is desired and the degree of change that is considered meaningful in the context of the marketplace and competitors before implementing your brand strategy.

Tracking metrics to inform action

When working with Addison Whitney, a strategy consultant analyzes the results of your brand tracking studies to determine the next potential course of action. We consider outside factors that may impact a study wave, such as current trends or news events (yet even more reasons to conduct your study more than once). Additionally, the needs and priorities of your audience may shift over time and knowing this helps you make adjustments to your strategy to keep it compelling and relevant.

If you have reached your goal in some areas, certainly celebrate this success. But remember: You can’t rest on your laurels in branding.

A competitor may be looking at data and making changes to better align with those unmet audience needs at the same time. Addison Whitney helps you identify any weaknesses and make respective adjustments to tactics or brand materials to strengthen your strategic messages.

To ensure consistency and efficiency throughout the entire strategy evaluation process, Addison Whitney’s in-house Research and Insights team works closely with our strategy consultants to execute a successful brand tracking program. Together, and with your input, we establish the best metrics and methodology, select and recruit your target audience, program and field your study, and analyze the results. The results? The best course of action to keep your brand moving toward its ultimate vision.

Ready to conquer those business goals? Partner with us today to build a brand strategy that matters.

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