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Weird by design: Creating names that get approved

When we propose names that are more likely to receive regulatory approval, clients often respond with: That looks too weird or how do you even say that? It’s only natural. Human nature makes us skeptical of the unfamiliar, and it may take a while to warm to the newness.

Just remember, pharmaceutical names are weird by design.

To illustrate why and how to balance marketability and medication safety we created a study to examine the pre vs. post approval marketability metrics of top-selling medicines.

Using our proprietary name validation database and other secondary metrics, like ad spending and total sales our new report shows how to make informed decisions about name candidates during the drug naming process.

With 7,000+ names tested, this data, only available from Addison Whitney, is the backbone of our naming process. It enables us to create effective names from both a regulatory and marketing standpoint that get approved.

Download our report to see how today’s top performing brands scored before they were approved.

It won’t be what you think.

Download our report to learn more below.

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