Johnathan Fansler

VP, Account Director

As head and team leader of Business Development operations and strategy, Johnathan is primarily focused on how growing our business and ensuring our clients’ expectations are exceeded on every project. Prior to leading the team, Johnathan was an Account Director building and managing new and existing client relationships. Though he is now tasked with expanding our business, he still serves as a strategic consultant to clients on brand name development, brand strategy, creative design and brand-focused market research projects.

Prior to joining the Addison Whitney team, Johnathan started his career in advertising as a sales and marketing consultant. Johnathan received a bachelor’s degree in financial management from Indiana University Bloomington.

  • Get to know Johnathan

    What is your favorite brand?

    It’s not public yet…

  • What is your favorite quote?

    “It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove.”

  • How do you unwind?


  • What is the personal accomplishment you’re most proud of?

    Moving out of state upon graduation with no job. It was a big risk that paid off.

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