Jamie Cobb

VP, Creative and Strategy Director

Jamie is a respected brand evangelist and storyteller who has developed multiple global brand identities and led significant US brand launches in oncology, diabetes, neuroscience and HIV. His vision has inspired several top pharmaceutical companies to embrace storytelling and the value of creative asset management to build work that resonates longer throughout a product lifecycle.

Jamie has held senior creative and strategy positions for top agencies serving the life sciences and technology industries. As VP, Creative Director, he leads the integration of visual, verbal and strategic efforts for Addison Whitney across healthcare and consumer package goods business. Jamie’s extensive background in global brand development includes product and corporate work for Lilly Diabetes, Lilly Oncology, Johnson & Johnson, NetJets, and Disney. Jamie’s innovative approach to workshop facilitation and brand storytelling has benefitted companies managing brand expansion into local markets or line extensions. Before joining Addison Whitney, he founded and managed a creative brand consultancy, Brandism, with international and regional brands located in RTP, North Carolina. Jamie is also an adjunct professor for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Journalism.

  • Get to know Jamie

    What is your favorite brand?


  • What is your favorite quote?

    “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robin WIlliams

  • How do you unwind?

    Trying a new recipe that involves lots of knife work.

  • What is the personal accomplishment you’re most proud of?

    Helped develop brand stories and identities for several non-profit organizations, including national diabetes organizations and a local soup kitchen in my community.

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