Betsy Lard

VP, Account Director, Charlotte

As Vice President, Managing Director for Addison Whitney’s Charlotte office, Betsy provides trusted leadership to client teams and ensures strategic alignment across Addison Whitney’s Account Services team.

Betsy’s client engagements span across all of our offerings, though her work focuses on pharmaceutical brand development. She leverages past success and ongoing regulatory feedback to guide client teams through the brand name and non-proprietary name development and review processes. When she’s not leading creative work sessions, you’ll find her discussing new trends and insights at industry events.

Prior to taking on her current role, Betsy served as a Project Director and as the Director of Brand Strategy, where she was responsible for developing brand equity assessments, competitive brand positioning and architecture/nomenclature strategies. Her background in brand strategy continues to provide a valuable backdrop for guiding client teams through a successful and strategic brand development process.

  • Get to know Betsy

    What is your favorite brand?

    GoldieBlox, an intro to engineering for girls through building sets and books. As a bonus, it started as a Kickstarter campaign by a female engineer.

  • What is your favorite quote?

    Dad always said, "Do a little more than you have to."

  • How do you unwind?

    Free time is family time. You'll find us outside playing with all the kids in the neighborhood.

  • What is the personal accomplishment you’re most proud of?

    Amateur carpentry projects that didn't end up in the scrap pile.

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