Shionogi - Kapvay

Shionogi understands that helping a child means helping an entire family, so it developed a unique non-stimulant, extended-released tablet. The drug is the only formulation of clonidine hydrochloride approved for the treatment of ADHD.

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Shionogi is dedicated to improving the lives of patients and their loved ones with the most advanced medicines possible to treat unmet needs. Shionogi focused its resources on one of the more commonly diagnosed childhood behavior disorders, ADHD. We were asked to develop names for Shionogi’s entire product pipeline, which included a brand name for its treatment of ADHD.
We executed our proprietary, multi-step process in order to properly develop and test potential name candidates. Working closely with Shionogi throughout the entire procedure, we:

  • Conducted creative strategy workshops to determine brand benefits and attributes
  • Developed and presented multiple lists of name candidates that were vetted via global linguistic evaluations, legal trademark prescreens, medical panel reviews, extensive pharmacist and physician safety testing, and marketing research
  • Identified the primary name and developed supporting white papers for regulatory approval

Given the product’s ability to help parents and their children with ADHD, the name “Kapvay” was considered an appropriate brand name from a commercial and regulatory standpoint.

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