When Bank & Office Interiors approached us, it was in the process of merging with its direct competitor, BarclayDean. It was unclear to each company how to align the multiple brands involved: three brands currently operating under the Workspace Development LLC, and the new BarclayDean brand.

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To align under one corporate identity we partnered with the team to determine the best strategy to arrange the architecture of the four brands involved, and then create or update the corporate identity for the new architecture strategy.

To ensure voices from all divisions were engaged and heard throughout the process, Addison Whitney put together a team of B&OI and BarclayDean employees for internal interviews. Furthermore, employees from a shared vendor, Steelcase, were interviewed to gain a well-rounded perspective of both companies. The external interviews gave the Addison Whitney team an opportunity to remove any brand biases they might see from the internal interviews and collective brand discovery workshops. These interviews helped build a foundation behind the strategy of the brand portfolio.

Based on the research conducted, we recommended the companies move forward with a new, single corporate identity to unify the brands under the Workspace Development LLC. When properly communicated to target audiences, this new name would eliminate brand confusion and provide a platform to unify the positive equity from all of the brands. A new name, visual identity and tagline needed to be created to portray the merger as a robust partnership with a defining message; not only for the current business evolution, but also for the life of the new brand.

The name “OpenSquare” was developed for its highly descriptive, yet ambiguous characteristics which represent the open approach to creating functional workspaces for all client sizes and types. The tagline, “Your workspace. Your workstyle.” speaks to the personalization OpenSquare offers its clients. The visual identity features three circles arranged to create a triangular orientation, representing the basic principles of architecture and creating spaces.