A first-in-class antibody asset needed to find a name that would stand out in the crowded oncology therapeutic area, a space which also posed potential roadblocks for approval. Collaborative efforts between us and the client team resulted in an end result that was both creative and able to pass the necessary regulatory processes.

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Genentech developed T-DM1, a first-in-class antibody drug conjugate specific for HER2+ breast cancer patients. The product had the potential to extend progression free survival through targeted delivery of a potent cytotoxic agent via a validated, tumor-specific antibody, while providing a favorable tolerability profile.

We executed its unique, multi-step process in order to properly develop and test potential name candidates. Brand name candidates were then tested via global linguistic evaluations, legal trademark prescreens, medical panel reviews and marketing research. We then developed the appropriate regulatory name documents for the product.

“Kadcyla” was chosen as the brand name for the new asset following the testing and submission of the name candidate to various regulatory agencies, including the FDA and EMA.