Alexion - Strensiq

In developing the brand strategy and visual branding for the company’s new asset, our team led research and strategy information created a picture of what factors would impact the brand, and how they could paint a picture to help the brand find its marketplace differentiation.

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When entrusted to create the brand strategy and visual branding for the company’s new asfotase alfa asset, our brand strategy team first drove the project in three stages – discovery, definition and development. Discovery was done through competitive audits and discovery workshops, assessing the current and potential position of the asset on both target audiences and the general marketplace.

In developing the visual and brand strategy elements for the new asset, we took a wide-ranging look at the various factors with the potential to have an impact on the brand. The aforementioned discovery steps helped paint a picture of where the brand could find its differentiation in the marketplace.

Brand position for the new asset was recommended to center around the concept of “strength” – a focus on how the product not only strengthens patients’ bones, but also how the patients using the product feel a renewed sense of strength internally. The associated messaging and visual brand was designed with audience-specific touchpoints, highlighting the importance of tailoring the message to these groups’ unique and specific needs.