Be the Brand You Were Meant To Be.

Addison Whitney works on behalf of brands. Brands designed to impact people’s lives, and change the world for the better. Driven by a clear purpose, brands must align with the values and beliefs of its audience in today’s ecosystem.

What is Purpose?

The unique and motivating reason a brand exists in the world. It inspires everything it does, and influences every decision it will make.

Own your most authentic story.

Purpose reveals your brand story. Once you recognize where it originated and can identify the destination you hope to reach, you’ll know it. And, you’ll want everyone else to know it, too. Strong brands pull their story through their entire brand design from name creation to visual identity, and everything in between.

Let’s build something meaningful together.

We are builders – architects of brand. Working in close collaboration with our clients and colleagues to make sure your brand reaches its maximum potential, in a mindful and meaningful way. There is purpose in our approach, and a measurable impact in the outcomes we design.

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